Ten Things You Should Do Before Moving Home

For some people, moving home is the wonderful opportunity for a new start in a brand new area in a brand new, beautiful home. For others, it’s just plain stressful! And it seems no matter how hopeful you try to be when undergoing the moving process, there will inevitably be moments of real stress. But there are things you can do to at least minimise that stress before you move.

Here’s how:

  1. Drop The Hope

There’s nothing wrong with being cheerful and happy! It’s great! But you need to be realistic about your move, it is not going to be easy. The very first thing you need to do before everything else is recognise that moving home is no easy feat, but it can go as smoothly as possible with a little forward thinking, realism and patience.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

You must become an organisation goddess, or you stand no chance of being ready in time! You must become the master of lists, the queen of thinking ahead, the Jedi of budgeting. Get yourself a little notebook dedicated to your move, or download an organisation app. Your calendar is your best friend right now – use it. You cannot be too organised when it comes to planning a move.

  1. Get In Early With The Removal Company

Some removal companies charge extra during peak seasons, and they book up fast as well. If you’re going to be moving in summer and want to use a removal company, look around and book as soon as you can, otherwise you could end up losing out, paying extra for an out of town company, or settling for the last company available to do the job.

  1. Create A Budget

Create a budget as early as possible so that you have the pot there to dip into as and when necessary. If you start planning your move without planning a budget, you’ll start paying for things here and there without really knowing what you’re spending – which is dangerous.

  1. Book Child Care and Pet Care

Book your child care and pet care as soon as you possibly can. If you’re moving in summer, catteries and kennels will book up fast, and if you use a particular babysitter regularly you could find that they are on holiday when you are moving – so the sooner you book the better.

  1. Have A Giant Clear Out

Once you know you’re planning on moving, become a minimalist master and ditch the clutter. Anything you don’t love, or don’t use needs to get put in a pile for charity, pile for the bin, or a pile for a car boot. You do not want to be packing stuff up for your new house that you don’t even want in your current one! Be brutal and get rid of as much as you possibly can – your new house will appreciate it.

  1. Pick Your Estate Agent Properly and Plan Your Sale Time Right

You should never rush selecting an estate agent, because once your house goes up for sale you only have a few weeks where your property is hot, after that people lose interest and you’ll see your viewing levels drop. So whilst it’s quite a speedy process when you put your house up for sale, the bit before is where you need to take your time. Choose an estate agency who have agents you would like to show people around your home. And get at least three valuations before deciding on the asking price and the estate agency. You should also make sure you plan your sale time carefully. This is especially relevant if you’re going to be moving out before your house is sold – houses don’t fair well left uninhabited over winter.

  1. Start Buying Necessary Items When You See Them

If you know you are moving home, you must start buying the necessary items as and when you see them at a good price. Know you’re going to be painting the kitchen and see the colour you need on sale? Buy it when you see it. Know you’re going to be spring cleaning both your old and new house? Buying extra cleaning products every week you do your main shop, then it won’t be such a sharp expenditure when it comes to getting the job done – the equipment will already be there.

  1. Get Work Done Early

The smell of fresh paint and obviously recently done DIY jobs will not inspire potential buyers – it will put them off. Yes you want your old home to look its best and be ‘rejuvenated’ but not to the point where it looks like you’re covering up issues with the property. Get any improvements you plan to do, done as soon as you know you are going to move.

  1. Get The Family Ready

You need to get the kids ready for the idea of moving home as soon as you know it’s happening. This is especially relevant if it means they will be moving schools and changing friendship groups. You need to get them excited about the move and talk to them about any worries they have – the sooner they are prepared for change the easier it will be for them to settle in when moving day comes. You should also make sure you and your partner make a pact of patience. Moving home is stressful enough to break some couples up – that doesn’t need to be you. Make a pact of patience and promise you will both laugh at yourselves and each other, support each other and let any nasty words said in anger be forgotten and left down to experience.

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